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Menneisyyttä. Esittää. Tulevaisuus.

To further my career, I am experiencing various roles within the music industry. I especially have a passion within Live Production for: 

Sound Engineering / Front Of House

My experiences while monitoring Front Of House have been one of my favourites. Working with my fellow Tech colleagues around the Allen & Heath QU32 digital desk, have been a wonderful learning curve and a real privilege. I also have experience with these other Allen & Heath digital desks: QU-24, SQ6.

I have achieved an understanding of the fundamentals of the desk's capabilities as well as a great sense of enjoyment using this technology. 

The process of sound checking and small fine tune adjustments to ensure the sound is the best I can produce for the artist/band. 


Creating the plans for the stage design, lighting and placement of the instruments is a skill I am developing. Presently, I am researching various artists' Live Production, including the layout and organisation of the staging. Using these ideas to influence and inspire my own creative concepts for concerts and staging is one of my main projects.

Stage Crew 

Working within a team and collaborating with all members of production, through the process of experience and communication, has assisted in preparing me for most situations that may occur in the performance/concert. 

Approaching the job and the responsibility to meet the requirements of the artist/band is the environment I thrive in. 

Producing/Sound & Mixing Engineering

I have many hours of experience in the studio setting up, recording and mixing bands/artist's work. With communication and organisation of the session including their ideas, I am able to create a written plan for each band/artist before the session. I am versatile on recording days and times to cater to their needs.

I have a good knowledge of Pro Tools + Logic Pro X and have had many opportunities in a professional studio.

ChamSys / Lighting Technician

I have been studying CamSys MagicQ software for several months and have enjoyed the freedom and limitless creativity I can have while building new stages / recreating shows I have admired. 

From the learning process of constructing the staging together with the trusting and lighting fixtures has been very thorough with detail instruction in steps.

Through the ChamSys webinars I have learnt a range of skills such as: pallets for lighting, shortcut lighting cues, planning show visuals, pixel screen mapping, auto cues to create an organised show, file management. 

I now can create a pre-template which includes the staging and set lighting program for each of the concerts performers. I have found this to be very useful as I can pre-plan all of the concert lighting and take a USB to the venue and run ChamSys with my pre-made template. 

I have felt that I have acquired a new understanding of the software and am more comfortable running it independently. 

Foley / Post Production on Short Films

I have been lucky enough to be involved in Foley work for short films which I have found to be a very interesting and unique experience. Creating the sounds for each particular scene has been challenging but rewarding to see. 

Learning Adobe Audition to edit these sounds has been a key element for me, as I can explore the effects the software provides. I can create the exact environment for the sound by adjusting the sounds reverb and delay.

Having this software and understanding will help the productivity and quality of my work in future projects.


I have been involved in the FOH, Sound Production of 'We Will Rock You' which theme includes Queen's catalog of songs. It has been a different experience from my usual gigs but I have loved the challenge and the consideration put into this project. It has developed my skills in a new field of the Music Industry and has broadened my knowledge of productions. The planing and execution as well as every aspect of staging, lighting, costumes, musicians, actors, budgets, quotes, venues and more has been a collective of discussions and communications between teams. It has been an eye opening experience and a pleasure to work on!

Having an independent leadership role in this production has developed my understanding of the sound production department in detail and the organisation required to get every aspect of sound: PA, Monitors, XLRs, Speedcons, Amp Racks, Headphone Amplifiers, Staging, Digital Desk, Mix, Microphones / Positioning, Mic Stands perfect. 

My passions and hobbies include:

Sports Massage 

I have studied Sports Coaching for 2 years, and have learnt a variety of sports massage techniques that I find beneficial for clients with various aches and pains. 

I have also have used it outside of sport, as I believe it has a positive effect on mental well-being and can be used as a relaxing therapy.  

Photography and Producing Videos

I have been lucky enough to go on many trips to different countries to explore the environment, culture, lifestyle and experiences.  

I have made these videos by learning Adobe Premier Pro software to compile the highlights of these trips into short videos which I record and edit myself.